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Customer Service

Store Hours
  • Customer Service is available from 09h00 to 17h00 CST (- 5 GMT Ecuadorian Time).
  • Store hours are performed in this range.
Elastix® Support
  • Elastix® Support is only provided to customers that purchased support before the 31st of december of 2016. Contact support@palosanto.com for more information.
  • For VoIP Support hours the customer must specify a requirement prior the purchase of any hour. The PaloSanto Support team will establish a scope and define the exact number of hours required. Contact support@palosanto.com yo begin the process./li>
Customer Support
  • Customer support refers to assistance to license activations, license issues and request of setup information
  • Customer support is available from 09h00 to 17h00 CST (- 5 GMT Ecuadorian Time).
  • If you request support on Friday afternoon you will receive contact from our executives the next monday.
  • To request support for: DINOMI Call Center Module, VoIP Business Edition, VoIP High Availability. Open a support ticket here.
Order Cancellation

Software & Support: A Customer may cancel an order prior to starting a subscription contract or any development project. PaloSanto Solutions will refund the initial payment minus a penalty of 6%, in order to cover all costs related to verification of initial payments. This Cancellation does not apply to Web Chat Support.

Yearly Subscription Plans: The subscription is valid from the moment the customer performs the checkout and successfully performs the payment. After this time, the agreement and the code will have a duration of one year.The customer might request a refund on a subscription purchase up to thirty (30) days from the date of purchase of this product, with a 6% fee that will be retained by the credit card payments entity, this value is not related to Palosanto in any way and its part of the refund process.

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We could maintain the above information in system logs. We use this information to make our site more useful to visitors by learning the number of visitors to our site, the number of pages served, and the level of demand for specific pages. We do not track or record information about identifiable individuals and their visits.

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