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About PaloSanto Solutions Online Store

PaloSanto Solutions is a company with a great experience in the development and implementation of open source technologies; this allows us to be the preferred option for more than 1000 companies in Latin America and the United States. Our technical staff is ready to solve complex problems and execute projects to add value to your technological processes.

We have the best interest in offering you an effective alternative to get our services and products on-line. This is the principal objective of this store.

PaloSanto Solutions has been working for over eight years training technical personnel for more than 250 companies. The level of success of our students and the confidence of our clients gives us the certainty to continue offering our preparation courses in Linux, PHP and others. These years of experience gave us the knowledge and the necessary information to develop the best program to train the future developers and administrators of this useful software.

We hope that you find the right solution for every requirement you have; we’ll dedicate 24 hours, 365 days at year to think how to improve the solutions you’ll find at our store.


The PaloSanto Solutions Team